Brand Resources & Guidelines

We want to make the correct version of our logo, colors and other graphics easily accessible for your needs.


These are official VoiceIt logos that you can include on your webpage, in your mobile application, or in printed material.

Default Monotone EPS SVG PNG
Default White Monotone EPS SVG PNG

Co - Branding Badges

Use one of the following badges to give credit to VoiceIt when discussing Voice Biometrics on your website or application. We suggest making them link to

Default Monotone EPS SVG PNG
Default Monotone EPS SVG PNG


Color plays a big role in brand identity. Please make sure to use the exact color values below for our logos, resources and when designing VoiceIt themed articles.

VoiceIt Yellow

RGB : rgb(251,193,50)

HEX : #FBC132

CMYK : 0 0.2431 0.8549 0


RGB : rgb(0,0,0)

HEX : #000000

CMYK : 0 0 0 1


RGB : rgb(255,255,255)


CMYK : 0 0 0 0

Please don't do this

We kindly ask you to please treat our logo with respect and avoid misuse. Here are some common examples of misuse

Don't include our logo in a word
Don't stretch or distort the logo in any way
Don't modify the colors of the logo
Don't use a different font
Don't rotate the logo
Don't use the logo as part of any other graphic or illustration